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Manel R. Doménech WCVLC 2019

EcommPro in WordCamp Valencia 2019

Last week the WordCamp Valencia 2019 was held on the 18th and 19th. The 18th was the contributor day that we could not attend but the sponsors dinner. This year EcommPro has been a silver sponsor and we have also attended with a presentation by Manel R. Doménech. The presentation…

WordCamp Las Palmas 2019

EcommPro at WordCamp Las Palmas 2019

Tomorrow, February 8, the WordCamp Las Palmas 2019 begins. At EcommPro we did not want to miss the opportunity to attend and some team members are already on the island. In this WordCamp we want to be more active. We are very close to launching first versions of some leading…

Belius eCosmetics

Belius eCosmetics

Our latest project has been Belius eCosmetics. A brand of ecological and vegan lipstick. The project: WooCommerce They had a website and they needed to go a step further by selling their products directly from their platform. In EcommPro we have transformed their previous website into a fully functional online…

EcommPro Custom currencies Magento 2

Custom Currencies for Magento 2

1. Description EcommPro Custom Currency allows you to create and edit new currencies directly from the Magento administrator. Manage the options of these currencies such as the precision of decimals, the symbol as image, emoji or text, position, etc. Advisable for cryptocurrency. Regarding currencies, Magento 2 has a lack. The…

EcommPro WordCamp Granada 2018

WordCamp Granada 2018

As we already anticipated last week, EcommPro has been this weekend in WordCamp Granada. Today we only have to remember moments and miss being there. Very pleased to have participated with the individual sponsorship tickets.

EcommPro en WordCamp Granada 2018

EcommPro at WordCamp Granada 2018

Nos vamos a Granada a pasar unos días con la comunidad de Wordpress en la primera WordCamp que se celebra en esta ciudad. A la vuelta contaremos como ha ido, esperamos que con un buen reportaje fotográfico de momentos tanto dentro del evento como fuera de el (party time!).

Attitude Brand

Attitude Brand

Some time ago we considered the opportunity to participate in a project: Attitude Brand.

It went out of the area in which we work daily but at the same time was connected to what we do: ecommerce.

5 tendencias clave en comercio electrónico

5 key trends in e-commerce

The growth of global electronic commerce is unstoppable. In 2017 it reached around $ 2.3 trillion and, <span > according to Statista , it is expected to reach $ 4.5 billion in 2021. In Europe alone, e-commerce has had double-digit growth in the last year, with an increase of 11% in the…