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EcommPro in WordCamp Valencia 2019

Manel R. Doménech WCVLC 2019
Logo WordCamp Valencia 2019

Last week the WordCamp Valencia 2019 was held on the 18th and 19th. The 18th was the contributor day that we could not attend but the sponsors dinner.

This year EcommPro has been a silver sponsor and we have also attended with a presentation by Manel R. Doménech. The presentation was entitled WordPress on containers in Docker and you have the devices available at the following link:

Manel R. Doménech WCVLC 2019
Ponencia Manel R. Doménech EcommPro

You can also see the full presentation in this other link:

The WordCamp Valencia 2019 has been one of the best WordCamps we have been to. 333 attendees who could meet and share battalions in the breaks we had between the presentations.

The organization and the presentation rooms of the Petxina space have been a success. Food was also an important factor! We are not hungry no. We had breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and snack with horchata and Valencian fartons. In addition, at all times we had natural orange juice (very Valencian too) and open bar drinks.

Cena patrocinadores WCVLC 2019
Equipo EcommPro

You can see all the information of the WordCamp Valencia 2019 in this link

From EcommPro we thank the organizers for the event and how well everything went and we already confirmed the attendance at WordCamp Valencia 2020!


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