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Custom Currencies for Magento 2

EcommPro Custom currencies Magento 2

1. Description

EcommPro Custom Currency allows you to create and edit new currencies directly from the Magento administrator. Manage the options of these currencies such as the precision of decimals, the symbol as image, emoji or text, position, etc. Advisable for cryptocurrency.

Regarding currencies, Magento 2 has a lack.

The currency system is heavily dependent on the PHP intl ICU extension.

This is not bad. The intl extension is battle tested and powerful.

But it covers only official fiat currencies.

What about using custom currencies like points? Or what about the increasingly popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), Ripple (XRP), among others?

At the moment there’s no a solution provided from the Magento 2 core.

We’ve created a module to manage custom currencies, preloaded with some useful data like points currency and some of the most popular cryptos.

We’ve decided to publish it in GitHub as open source.

We hope it is useful for you.

2. What can I do with EcommPro Custom Currency?

  • Create as many coins as you need.
  • Enables, disables or eliminates coins.
  • Give them a code, a name in the singular and in the plural.
  • Specifies the precision in decimals, ideal for cryptocurrency.
  • Specify the position (before or after the price).
  • Manage the symbol as text, emoji or image.

3. Installation

With composer:

Execute the following commands

Access the Magento 2 administration panel and configure the module.

4. Module Guide

You can access the module options easily from the side menu, EcommPro option.

You can manage and consult new currencies easily from a Magento Grid.

Customize your new coins with the variety of possible options such as number of decimals, position, name or symbol.

From the Magento coin configuration section, select your new coins.

Go to a listing or product listing and you will see your new currency in action.

5. Help and information

If you need help or a specialized service you can receive support by writing an email from the following form:

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I read your post and got it quite informative. I am impressed by the details that you have shared in this post and It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Thanks for sharing this article here.


This is “kinda” cool — but I don’t see how just adding another currency to the backend, displaying it on the frontend works. How does it integrate with payment, shipping, etc.? Especially if it is a crypto that is created but not traded? (meaning, a true P2P implementation of a crypto created to be used only by a single entity/business within its own private infrastructure — not a public crypto)

magento plugin development

Thanks for the article, it was very helpful.