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Belius eCosmetics

Belius eCosmetics

Our latest project has been Belius eCosmetics. A brand of ecological and vegan lipstick.

The project: WooCommerce

They had a website and they needed to go a step further by selling their products directly from their platform.

In EcommPro we have transformed their previous website into a fully functional online store without modifying the base.

We have used WooCommerce on the existing WordPress base to provide everything necessary in an eCommerce.

The payment methods included are credit card, paypal and bank transfer. The shipment is made through an integration with Correos.

The brand: ecological and vegan

Belius eCosmetics is a brand with a very clear objective and philosophy.

The ingredients used are of organic origin, from organic farming, and do not use any product of animal origin.

They sell a bundle of 10 lipsticks whose colors stand out for their matte finish. They are very durable and adapt very well to sensitive skin.

Belius eCosmetics Lipstick
Belius eCosmetics: Watsonia 02 swatch

Among the main ingredients are: almond oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, olive oil, castor oil, abissinian oil and vitamin E.

Undoubtedly, Belius eCosmetics will be heard more and more in vegan cosmetic circles since it has had a great reception as can be seen in your Instagram account:

If you want to see their products you can visit the online store:

If you are interested in a project like this, visit the Services section or contact us.

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